Enjoy a new level of bathing

Introducing Solarizer Heat Pump, a one-stop solution to efficient bulk hot water situations. It is effective in eliminating bacteria and germs while providing hot water 24/7 and even at nights ensuring comfort at all times. Solarizer Heat Pump has another crucial aspect – the amount of bulk hot water it can provide and the notably less time it usually takes to heat the water. Solarizer Heat pump is one of a kind water heater, that facilitates quick heating for large amounts of water. Your hot water will be ready, with just 1/4th of the energy that is used by a normal water heater. 


Superior Performance

Efficient Water Heating

Less consumption of electrical energy

Hot water on cloudy days

Hygienic and safe

COP of heat pump is more than 3.8

  • Solarizer Spring delivers the high pressure required for all your modern bathroom fittings such as the latest shower panels.
  • The high quality glass enamelled tank and pressurised valve ensure water is safely delivered to your systems at the optimal pressure.
  • Emmvee’s all new full-plate absorber with highly selectiveGerman coating through  sputtering technology provides more area to absorb sunlight and emits almost no radiation, meaning faster water heating
  • By using the most advanced solar glass, the new collector gives better performance even in cloudy weather
  • The latest laser welding technique gives superior durability and heat  transfer

  • Translucent solar glass gives a stylish new look

  • Emmvee’s unique glass enamelled tank preventsthe build-upof rust and bacteria, keeping your hotwater clean and hygienic
  • With on-site assessment, installation and after-sales service from Emmvee’s trained  and authorised dealers, you have the comfort of knowing your hot water needs are in  safe hands
  • With a 1 year performance warranty for the system, you can rely on Solarizer Spring to give you daily enjoyment for many years to come.




  • 300L
  • 500L



Solarizer Spring HPSH